10 Jan 2016

How to update Address in PAN Card

In this blog post I will tell you how you can change your communication address in PAN Card already allotted to you. A need to update communication address arises when the person has shifted from one residence to other or the there was some unwanted mistake in already allotted PAN Card.

For doing any correction in PAN Card the form ‘Request For New PAN Card Or/ And Changes Or Correction in PAN Data’ is required to filled. The form can be downloaded from here.

The applicant is required to fill all the details as asked in the form and should tick the box on the left margin of address for communication. Here the applicant is required to tick whether the communication address is his residence address or his office address. After you fill all the details in the form put your photographs in the form, sign at relevant places and submit it at NSDL TIN-Facilitaion Centre or PAN Centre along with Proof of Communication address.

The following documents are considered as Proof of Address.

(i) Copy of
a. Aadhaar Card issued by the Unique
Identification Authority of India; or
b. Elector’s photo identity card; or
c. Driving License; or
d. Passport; or
e. Passport of the spouse; or
f. Post office passbook having address of
the applicant; or
g. Latest property tax assessment order; or
h. Domicile certificate issued by the
Government; or
i. Allotment letter of accommodation
issued by Central or State Government of
not more than three years old; or
j. Property Registration Document; or

(ii) Copy of following documents of not
more than three months old
(a) Electricity Bill; or
(b) Landline Telephone or Broadband
connection bill; or
(c) Water Bill; or
(d) Consumer gas connection card or book or
piped gas bill; or
(e) Bank account statement or ;
(f) Depository account statement; or
(g) Credit card statement; or
(iii) Certificate of identity in Original signed
by a Member of Parliament or Member
of Legislative Assembly or Municipal
Councilor or a Gazetted officer, as the
case may be; or
(iv) Employer certificate in original.

23 Feb 2014

Kapil Sharma Debuts in Bollywood

The ultimate comedian Kapil sharma who is rocking in TV industry with his super hit show Comedy Nights with kapil has been approached by Yash Raj Films (YRF) Productions .Kapil Sharma has signed a three-film contract with YRF. He will make his debut with movie” Bank Chor”.
Kapil Sharma confirmed the report in his latest episode of Comedy Nights where Alia Bhatt and Randeep were the guests.

The movie “Bank-Chor” will be produced under the production banner's Youth Films Division Y-Films, which made "Mere Dad Ki Maruti".
"Bank-Chor", directed by Bumpy and produced by Ashish Patil, is a comic caper that tells the story of three people who pick a wrong day to rob a bank. What happens when the trio is inadvertently caught in a crossfire of cops, industrialists and corrupt politicians, forms the rest of the story.
Kapil Sharma is super excited about this movie and says that he has already started “working on the nuances of the character".

Although it will be his first movie but the actor has enough experience in acting. He has done serious theater for years before comedy. Finally with YRF's vision, he would get to do this again after a 12-year break.
"It's a privilege and a dream to be part of the YRF family and have my launch with their Youth Films Studio, Y-Films. The script is the most exciting part since it's the kind of role that's very unlike the stereotype of a comedian or what people could typecast me as," Kapil said in a statement.

It will be super fun to see Kapil Sharma in “Bank Chor” and hope he make us laugh more than he does at “Comedy Nights with Kapil”

21 Feb 2014

New PAN Application Procedures

With a view to reduce fake PAN applications, The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has issued new guidelines for PAN allotment. The new rules are harder and claim to cut down the numbers of forged PAN applications.
The rules laid down by CBDT are as follows:
1.    The PAN application fee has been increased to Rs. 105/-(inclusive of taxes).
2.  Form 03.02.2014 onwards, every PAN application has to submit self attested copies of Proof of Identify (POI), Proof of Address (POA) and Date of Birth (DOB) documents. The applicants are also required to produce original documents of such POI/POA/DOB documents for verification at the counter of PAN facilitation centers.
3.    The copies of Proof of Identity (POI), Proof of Address (POA) and Date of Birth (DOB) documents attached with PAN application form, will be verified vis a vis their original documents at the time of submission of PAN application at PAN facilitation Centres
4.   Original documents shall not be retained by the PAN Facilitation Centres and will be returned back to the applicant after verification.

New PAN Procedures
CBDT Says that the new guidelines will be effective in reducing the FAKE applications but from an applicant appoint of view these can be called as stringent. A new applicant generally hires a Chartered Accountant or other professional to apply for PAN Card. It means the applicant will have to hand over his ORIGINAL documents to the professional doing the application process. It may happen that these documents may not remain safe with the professional. So in this regard the rules are really hard.
It has been guided by CBDT that ORIGINAL documents will be produced in front of PAN facilitation centres for verification. CBDT will have to closely watch if PAN facilitation centres are doing their jobs properly and honestly.
Only the time will tell whether the new framework for PAN application procedures has a positive impact or not. 

29 Jan 2014

Download Aadhar Card Online

Download Aadhar Online

Aadhar has become the national identity card and various government schemes and subsidies are provided through aadhar card only, whether it is direct LPG transfer, pension schemes or any other scholarship program, you need aadhar card for that. 

If you have enrolled for aadhar then you can check your Aadhar card enrollment online and download it  following the simple below mentioned steps. 
It will also tell you whether your aadhar enrollment has been approved or not. If your Aadhar has been approved, you can download it online.

     1.For checking Aadhar you need your acknowledgement slip that you                   received at the aadhar center  The top of your acknowledgement slip               contains 14 digit enrollment number and the 14 digit date and time of             enrollment  These 28 digits together form your temporary                             enrollment ID (EID).
        2. Type your full name as appearing in the aadhar acknowledgement                        slip
3.  Pin code
4.  Mobile Number , here you will receive your one time password. 
5.  Type the CAPTCHA image code and enter submit.

You will receive your one time password on the above provided mobile number.Enter the password as received and download your aadhar card. 

If you have any problem regarding your Aadhaar Card enrollment status or any other query related to Aadhaar Card details please call toll free number 
'1800 180 1947' its applicable through out India.

For Aadhaar card online download  please Click Here

27 Jan 2014

Earn Free Recharge Through Eureka

The world of smartphones is changing and digital advertising  companies are finding new ways to reach out to potential consumers. All of you must have seen ads on sidebar of your Facebook wall, sponsored tweets on twitter, and of course on various blogs and websites that you visit.
The smartphones are getting cheaper each passing day and are now affordable for a vast audience out here in India. These are those users who experience the power of internet for the first time on their smartphones. 
Eureka mobile advertising ltd. has found an innovative way to utilize the ideal mobile screen of the users.

The Trick

You just have to download the Eureka App on your android smartphone from Play Store and install it .On successful installation you will be asked some basic details about,like  age , gender, educational qualification and the kind of ads you want to receive  on your smartphone.  

Eureka will display cool deals, relevant ads and quirky content when you UNLOCK your phone sometimes during the day. You can also interact with the ads,you can like it , add to your favorites list or just watch it later. If you want to know further about the ad, just double tap it and it will take you to the link on your mobile browser. In case you are not interested in the ad, press back menu on your phone and proceed with other tasks of yours.

Finally the Recharge

On successful installation of the app, you will soon start receiving ads whenever your screen goes ideal for some time. You will have to continue use the app for 30 days and you will receive a free recharge of Rs. 30 on your prepaid number. For Post paid subscribers they receive a discount of Rs. 30 on their bill. But remember you can’t uninstall it before 30 days, if you do so it will cost you your free recharge.
Eureka here has given an alternate option if you do not wish to receive ads. You can pause the app for 2 days and no ad will be displayed. If the app is paused for more than 2 days, you will not  get your free recharge.

The payment

Initially Eureka used to pay after 30 days of app installation but now they have updated their payment procedures due to increasing user data base. They now pay on 10th of every month.

So, just install the app and enjoy free recharge. 

21 Jan 2014

PAN Card Fee Increased

NSDL in its circular  No. NSDL/TIN/2014/004,dated 15/01/2014, has revised PAN application fee.
Now, for a new PAN Card to be dispatched in India NSDL will charge Rs.105 .Earlier it was Rs.96/- .
And for dispatching PAN Card outside India the fee has been increased from Rs.962 to

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