31 Dec 2013

Speed Up Smartphone

The smart phones are becoming available at every corner of the world. It is because these serve a variety of functions. You can hook to them 24*7 playing games, chatting with friend, social networking, etc. Also the whole office can come into a smartphone.All the emails, word files and presentations can be created and shared to the world by variety of apps available on android play store and other similar markets.
But doing these tasks fast and regularly can be really painful for your Smartphone as its speed and performance reduces. The Smartphone gets up slow with continuous working and responds slowly. These are many ways through which you can boost up your Smartphone’s speed and efficiency. Some are told below:

1. Updates
Every Smartphone company has highly qualified engineers who day and night try to improve your Smartphone technology by fixing bugs, introducing new features and removing unnecessary one. These new features and bugs free technology comes to you in the form of updates. Each Smartphone company regularly issues updates for every model of its smartphone.These updates can be easily downloaded and are absolutely free.

2. Improving RAM
Random Access Memory (RAM) is very useful for fast and efficient working of your Smartphone.
RAM gets slow due to unnecessary programs running in the background. There are many apps in play store which can be downloaded to kill these running programs. Also we tend to download many applications while surfing play store which we donor use a second time but forget to delete them. Deleting these unused apps can fasten your Smartphone.

3. Widgets
Every Smartphone lover loves their widgets, but going mad for them creates problem for your Smartphone as its speed and efficiency reduces sharply. Simply check which widgets do you use often and the ones which are left idle on your homescreen.Cleaning those unused widgets will be a real booster for your Smartphone’s performance. Most people use weather widgets and multi city time live widgets, which are not of much use. Identify similar widgets boost up your Smartphone speed.

All the best!

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