27 Jan 2014

Earn Free Recharge Through Eureka

The world of smartphones is changing and digital advertising  companies are finding new ways to reach out to potential consumers. All of you must have seen ads on sidebar of your Facebook wall, sponsored tweets on twitter, and of course on various blogs and websites that you visit.
The smartphones are getting cheaper each passing day and are now affordable for a vast audience out here in India. These are those users who experience the power of internet for the first time on their smartphones. 
Eureka mobile advertising ltd. has found an innovative way to utilize the ideal mobile screen of the users.

The Trick

You just have to download the Eureka App on your android smartphone from Play Store and install it .On successful installation you will be asked some basic details about,like  age , gender, educational qualification and the kind of ads you want to receive  on your smartphone.  

Eureka will display cool deals, relevant ads and quirky content when you UNLOCK your phone sometimes during the day. You can also interact with the ads,you can like it , add to your favorites list or just watch it later. If you want to know further about the ad, just double tap it and it will take you to the link on your mobile browser. In case you are not interested in the ad, press back menu on your phone and proceed with other tasks of yours.

Finally the Recharge

On successful installation of the app, you will soon start receiving ads whenever your screen goes ideal for some time. You will have to continue use the app for 30 days and you will receive a free recharge of Rs. 30 on your prepaid number. For Post paid subscribers they receive a discount of Rs. 30 on their bill. But remember you can’t uninstall it before 30 days, if you do so it will cost you your free recharge.
Eureka here has given an alternate option if you do not wish to receive ads. You can pause the app for 2 days and no ad will be displayed. If the app is paused for more than 2 days, you will not  get your free recharge.

The payment

Initially Eureka used to pay after 30 days of app installation but now they have updated their payment procedures due to increasing user data base. They now pay on 10th of every month.

So, just install the app and enjoy free recharge. 


  1. It's an awesome news for all android users ,i am also an android user so i going to download this awesome app .Feeling fortunate to being here ,i like this website a lot

    1. Yes indeed, its an awesome app to download and earn some free recharges.
      Thanks for your response Naveen. It is highly appreciated.

  2. I have just downloaded the app from play store. The reviews there are pretty good about this app and I can hope to get free recharge next month .
    Thanks for the info . Really nice article

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